Day 17 - Fearlessly Obedient

Day 17 -  Fearlessly Obedient
Genesis 17 January 17, 2018 Day 17 of our reading is in Genesis 17. The introduction of circumcision. Many great points to bring out in this chapter and one of those being when God asked Abraham to circumcise every man, and that is exactly what Abraham did. Every male of his entire house was circumcised the same day God said to do it. The SAME day....
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Day 16 - Wait For God's Timing

Wait For God's Timing
Genesis 16 January 16, 2018 Day 16 of our reading is in Genesis 16. Sarai has come to a point where she was tired of waiting. She decided that God had stopped her from bearing a child so the only way that Abram will have children is from another woman. At this time Sarai was 75 years old. Abram is the father of the faithful and upon his seed, ...
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Day 15 - Justified by Faith

Justified by Faith
Genesis 15 January 15, 2018 Day 15 of our reading is in Genesis 15. One of the most quoted scriptures in Genesis 15 is verse 6, "And he believed in the LORD; and he counted it to him for righteousness." Many say this passage is one of the most important passages in the Old Testament as it points towards the new covenant. As humans, we cannot earn t...
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Day 14 - God Before You, Who Can Be Against You?

God Before You, Who Can Be Against You?
Genesis 14 January 14, 2018 Day 14 of our reading is in Genesis 14. When God's children get involved, there is victory!  After the kings of Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah, Zeboiim, and Bela failed at their attempt to overcome the 4 kings (Amraphel, Arioch, Chedorlaomer, and Tidal) that fought against them and then they ended up taking Lot from Sodom, ...
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Day 13 - Acknowledge God And He Will Direct Your Path

Acknowledge God And He Will Direct Your Path
Genesis 13 January 13, 2018 Day 13 of our reading is in Genesis 13. How could Lot choose the well-watered plains of Jordon?? I mean, with plenty of green grass and water for his herds, you would think he's absolutely crazy! Many know what happened to Lot and his family in the following chapters but if we just look at chapter 13, we see how a man wa...
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Day 12 - God's Purpose For You

God's Purpose For You
Genesis 12 January 12, 2018 Day 12 of our reading is in Genesis 12.  With fear in his heart, Abram asked Sarai to tell the Egyptians that she was his sister.  This fear lead to Pharaoh taking Sarai into his house, however, the plague that fell on Pharaoh and his house shows that God is always looking out for His people despite t...
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Day 11 - God Is All-Powerful

Genesis 11 January 1, 2018 Day 11 of our reading is in Genesis 11. This chapter is a landmark chapter in history and explains how people were scattered across the world and where all of our languages came from. Ethnologue states, as of 2009 there are 6,909 distinct languages. Most likely this number was a lot less when God confounded the langu...
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Day 10 - It Will Happen Without Fail

Disciple Project - Genesis
Genesis 10 January 10, 2018 Day 10 of our reading is in Genesis 10. It is interesting to see the genealogy of these men. Notice how the sons of Canaan (cursed by Noah in ch. 9) formed the Jebusite, Amorite, Girgasite and Hivite families. These families ended up fighting against the Israelites in the book of Exodus. Noah told Canaan that he will be ...
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Day 9 - God's Promises

God's Promises - The Disciple Project
Genesis 9 January 9, 2018 Day 9 of our reading is in Genesis 9. God makes a covenant with Noah and every living creature and sets a rainbow in the clouds. Many would say that this is not special token or covenant that God made but rather a mere cause and effect of sun reflecting through water. While the latter is true, a rainbow can be seen when th...
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Day 8 - God is Mindful

God Sees All
Genesis 8 January 8, 2018 Day 8 of our reading is in Genesis 8. Verse 1 says God remembered Noah. The word "remember" can be defined as mindful. It is not that God forgot about Noah for a time and all of a sudden remembered, but rather the scripture was saying God was mindful of what Noah and his family were going through and God was mindful of all...
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Day 7 - God's in Control

Genesis 7 January 7, 2018 Day 7 of our reading is in Genesis 7. Genesis 7 is about the great flood that we have heard about since we were kids and what was fascinating at that age is still fascinating today.  2 by 2 the animals went into the ark under divine control.  God brought every species into the ark from the least to the greatest a...
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Day 6 - I Choose to Believe

Genesis 6 January 6, 2018 Day 6 of our reading is in Genesis chapter 6 and so increases the evilness of humanity. It's almost difficult to believe that in ~1,600 years from Adam to Noah that every imagination of the heart was evil...continually. Non-stop evilness! You might think that with our world as it is today, no one could be saved from i...
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Day 5 - The Faith of Enoch

Genesis 5 January 5, 2018 Day 5 of our reading is in Genesis 5. Genesis 5 is about the genealogy and age of the patriarchs. In those days the genealogy is very important which is why we come across chapters listing who begat who. However, one point I wanted to bring out is about a very famous man, even though we don't know much about him. I'm speak...
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Day 4 - What is Acceptable to God?

The Disciple Project - Genesis
Genesis 4 January 4, 2018 Day 4 of our reading is in Genesis chapter 4. The story of Cain and Abel and the sacrifices they bring before God. One of the many great points in this chapter is about the "respected" sacrifice of Abel.  God prepared skins for Adam and Eve to cover their sin and years later Abel was told this story and picked up on h...
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Day 3 - The Pride of Life - Genesis Chapter 3

The Disciple Project - Genesis
Genesis 3 January 3, 2018 Day 3 of our reading is in Genesis 3. This chapter has many great lessons and there is one characteristic of humanity that was first introduced here but yet is still a struggle for most today. We blame the serpent for the consequences we endure, we can blame our spouse or another person, but what was it inside of Eve that ...
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Day 2 - Genesis Chapter 2

Genesis 2 January 2, 2018 Day 2 of our reading is in Genesis chapter 2. God said that it wasn't good for man to be alone and being that God knows what is good for us, this tells us the importance of not only a husband or wife but a brother, sister or friend. This walk through life can be lonely at times, despite the fact that Jesus has never left o...
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Day 1 - In the Beginning God - Genesis Chapter 1

The Disciple Project - Genesis

Genesis 1

January 1, 2018

Day 1 of our reading is in Genesis 1.  Day 1 of 2018 and no doubt you have made some resolutions, thought about making some changes and so one of the most important verses to accomplish this is "coincidently" found in Genesis 1:1.  

The phrase "In the beginning God..."  God existed before all, He is in all and all He created was good.  Therefore, make God the beginning of ALL THINGS in this life.

As I start down this path into God's word and as I begin 2018, my prayer is that I make God the beginning.  I begin with prayer.  I begin with communion with my Creator. 

When I begin with God at the start of a day or the start of a year, God will bless my path and I will find the joy, peace and victory that only comes from allowing Him to be the beginning!

What will God be the beginning of this year for you?

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The Disciple Project BEGINS January 1st!

The Disciple Project will begin January 1, 2018.  Are you ready to be one of His disciples?  Are you ready to have fun with a social Bible study group that not only inspires through the anointed Word of God but gives out some cash too?  Join the group and be a part of reading and discussing the greatest words ever penned!&n...
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Thanksgiving in the Book of Psalms

​Thanksgiving, an appropriate topic for the month of November but yet it is a quality to live by every day. During the month of November, The Disciple Project group will be studying Thanksgiving and these 8 chapters in the book Psalms. Each of these chapters that were shared in the group speaks about Thanksgiving or an attribute of God that we are ...
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Summer Camp for Kids - Be a part of the "Jesus Generation"

Looking for a summer camp for your kids in Colorado Springs?  Looking to give your kids the opportunity to grow long lasting friendships and have a memorable 3 day weekend?   Are you looking to help your kids come to know and understand Jesus and His love and goodness?   Then... Join the Chosen Generation Youth Mi...
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