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Please download and sign a copy of Ponderosa's release form.   Please return to the pre-camp meeting 5/31 at 7pm.

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Please download and sign a copy of The Master's House release form.  Please return to the pre-camp meeting 5/31 at 7pm.

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What I need for camp

Friday - 6/2

8 amArrive at Church
The Master's House (740 Wooten Rd, CS)Bring your stuff
​9 amArrive at Camp​Ponderosa Camp & Conference​Unpack and get settled in
​10 am​Kick-Off Camp!!​Cagle Lodge
10:30 am​Flag PaintingBall Field​
12 pm​​LunchDining Hall
​1:15-1:45 pm​Bible Study​Campfire
​2:30 pm​Skit Prep​​Anywhere
​Meet up with your coaches and prepare your skit
​3:30 pm​Archery​Archery Course
​4:30 pmCGYM Theatre​Cagle Lodge​Skit presentations
​6:30 pm​Dinner​Dinning Hall
​8 pm​Friday Night Devotional​Campfire
​9:30 pmS'mores & Cocoa​Campfire
​11:30 pm​Lights Out

Saturday - 6/3

6 amEarly Seekers Prayer MeetingChapelVoluntary
7 amWake Up
​7:30 amBreakfast​Dinning Hall
​8:30 am​Devotional​Campfireby Bro. Nate Corbitt
9:30 am​​Low Ropes Course​ & Volleyball​Ropes Course​- Youth @ low ropes course
- Adults @ Volleyball 
12 pm​​LunchDining Hall
​1:15-1:45 pm​Bible Study
- 1st - 5th with Sis. Eva

- MS with Bro. Cory

- HS with Bro. Nate

- Adults with Bro. Garrett
​- 1st - 5th at Holly Room

- MS at Cagle Lodge

- HS at Campfire

- Adults at Sunflower Room
​2:30 pm​Black-Light DodgeballGym​
​3:30 pmFree Time
​5:30 pm
Dinner​Dining Hall
7 pmChurch ServiceChapel​​Any visitor or parent is welcome to attend
​11 pm
​​​Lights Out

Sunday - 6/4

6 amEarly Seekers Prayer Meeting
7 amWake Up
​7:30 amBreakfast​Dinning Hall
​8:30 am​Devotional​Campfireby Rev. Garrett Luttman
9:30 am​​The Pinnacle Relay Game​Grassy Knoll
10:30 am​Award Presentations​Cagle Lodge
11 am​Pack up & clean up
​12 pm​Leave Camp

Camp T-Shirts

A camp T-shirt will be provided, for FREE, to any youth attending camp (K-12th grade). 

Any adult can purchase a camp T-shirt separately from their camp ticket.

Click button below to purchase camp T-shirt.  Cost is $15.

summer camp tshirt

What is the "Jesus Generation"

Jesus Generation is the theme for Camp 2017!

Have you noticed a change in society when it comes to our values, principles and acceptance, especially within the youth of this nation?

The Chosen Generation Youth Camp this year is about standing on the rock, Christ Jesus!  It about not letting the influences of peers and society dictate how I should behave and act.  It's about not being labeled a Millenial, or any othe term society comes up with, but being labeled a Jesus Generation!  

...not "for" Jesus, but "of" Jesus!

Meaning He (Jesus) is part of who we are!  He is within our character.  He makes up our DNA!  The relationship a youth has with Jesus will be what guides him/her through every moment in their life.  No matter if Dad or Mom are available, the youth can have the acceptance and love they need to fill their hearts.  

This acceptance and love can never be filled from external sources but it only comes from within.  It comes from our Creator, Jesus.  Many youth will try to fill this void though the peer relationships, rebellious activites, drugs, alcohol and even through Dad and Mom.  But in each of these cases, there will be failure.  Only in God, who will never fail, will a youth find what they so desperatley crave.

Jesus is alive and in Him, and only Him, can the youth stand today and tomorrow.

 Don't wait to sign up...come and be a part of the

Jesus Generation!

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