Summer Camp for Kids - Be a part of the "Jesus Generation"


Looking for a summer camp for your kids in Colorado Springs?  Looking to give your kids the opportunity to grow long lasting friendships and have a memorable 3 day weekend?  

Are you looking to help your kids come to know and understand Jesus and His love and goodness?  


Join the Chosen Generation Youth Ministry's Summer Camp on June 2nd - 4th.  This is an opportunity for your young children to grow and change into young men and women that stand in the faith and truth of Jesus Christ and build a strong sense of character.  

Every summer the Chosen Generation puts on a wonderful camp for youth that ranges from 1st graders to High School graduates.  The youth that have attended are excited to return and participate in all the activities, games and Bible lessons.  

Summer Camp for kids
Summer Camp for Kids
Some of the activities this year will include:

  • Slip and slide
  • Ropes course
  • Climbing wall
  • Archery
  • Relay races
  • Parent and child activities
  • Bible story skits
  • Talent shows
  • Camp fire devotionals
  • and much more!

Summer Camps in Colorado Springs

Summer camps are a great time of year that any kid looks forward to.  Do you remember your experiences at camp?  

As parents, we often try to give our children memorable moments and character building activities.  But these type of experiences are hard to come by, especially in this day and age.  

The ever presence of technology and the world's constant bombardment of becoming successful in a career has already begun to consume our young children's lives.  

Jesus said, expect you become as a little child, you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven.  Now, more than ever, we put the youth of this nation FIRST!  

The purity, innocence, the "perfect" praise and the love that is possesed in a child is something to be sought after and appreciated.  

What is the "Jesus Generation"

summer camp - chosen generation youth

Jesus Generation is the theme for Camp 2017!

Have you noticed a change in society when it comes to our values, principles and acceptance, especially within the youth of this nation?

The Chosen Generation Youth Camp this year is about standing on the rock, Christ Jesus!  It about not letting the influences of peers and society dictate how I should behave and act.  It's about not being labeled a Millenial, or any other term society comes up with, but being labeled a Jesus Generation!  

...not "for" Jesus, but "of" Jesus!

Meaning He (Jesus) is part of who we are!  He is within our character and actions.  The relationship a youth has with Jesus will be what guides him/her through every moment in their life.  No matter if Dad or Mom are available, the youth can have the acceptance and love they need to fill their hearts.  

This acceptance and love can never be filled from external sources but it only comes from within.  It comes from our Creator, Jesus.  Many youth will try to fill this void though peer relationships, rebellious activites, drugs, alcohol and even through Dad and Mom.  But in each of these cases, there will be failure.  Only in God, who will never fail, will a youth find what they so desperatley crave.

Jesus is alive and in Him, and only Him, can the youth stand today and tomorrow.

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