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  3. Wednesday, 21 February 2018
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The Bible does such an amazing job of telling the story of Joseph. It's impossible to hear his story and not be moved by his experiences and accomplishments and how he stayed faithful to God no matter what he was going through at the time.

As we were going through the disciple project about Joseph, I found an interesting string of articles that claim Joseph is Imhotep of Egyptian history. Also, articles to the contrary. I wondered if you have any thoughts about this?
Is Imhotep Joseph?
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I don't agree they were the same. Imhotep was described as being a talented architect responsible for building the first pyramid for the pharoah Djoser. He was also described as a physician among other things. The Bible described Joseph as being a dream interpreter and for being responsible for saving Egypt from 7 years of famine, and for delivering his family and establishing Israel safely in the land of Goshen and not for any of the things that Imhotep was acknowledged for. The pharoah gave Joseph the Egyptian name of Zaphnath-paanea which means " The God speaks and lives". I question why the Egyptian culture would want to recognize someone without using their given name which was given by the pharoah which was looked upon as a god himself. There are several individuals in the Bible that were listed with more than one name but Joseph was described only by his birth name and his Egyptian name. I just don't think they were the same person. This discussion could get a whole lot deeper but I think I'll leave it here.
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