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Bill's Story | Picking Up The Pieces Of My Life

Bill's Story | Picking Up The Pieces Of My Life

​Below you'll read this life-changing of story of Bill and how he came to know Jesus.  This is his testimony of what God can do in an individual's life.   

Share about the time right before you came to know Jesus. 

"I was 22 and the band I was in was doing very well.  Recording TV appearances and Capital Records was seriously looking at our group, however, in my personal life, it was a different story. 

Having lost a child, in the midst of a divorce, I found myself emotionally stressed and music alone wasn't my high.  

I began to drink more and was experimenting a little into drugs looking for some inner peace.​"

How did you come to know Jesus?

"While on tour with the band, I was being notified (relentlessly) regarding my "partying" family's conversion into the Pentecostal experience and the amazing happiness they were feeling and how they were all praying for me to make a change.

While at home, between engagements, my Dad invited me to attend a fellowship meeting at Church and after assurances, there wouldn't be any such thing as an altar call, I agreed to go!!

That was July 3rd, 1967 and July 4th I was baptized in the name of Jesus."

What was the best thing about getting to know Jesus?

"Well, 53 years have gone by and I can honestly say it is very difficult to pick out the best thing about knowing Jesus. 

He has been all the things that have been written about in the Bible.  A Healer (physically, emotionally), a companion, and a strength to meet all the ups and downs that life brings. 

Of course, everything hasn't been perfect but I can truthfully say when I call on Him, He is faithful to hear me and take control. 

I have found Him to be the best friend I can have. 

He is truth and the light in this world."

How has Jesus changed your life?

"He not only made a change in me, on the inside, but He has restored all that I had lost. 

He gave me a Godly wife that has been raised in the church.  A companion of over 50 years.  

She received the Holy Ghost at age 7.  

Three wonderful sons and their wives, seven grandchildren and three great-grandchildren, how blessed I have been.

He gave me a ministry as a teacher, a youth leader and music ministry with the Kings Messengers quartet.  

Over the 50 plus years, we have spread the gospel to thousands."

What message would you share to those that don't know Jesus? 

"There is a song that says it all because it's exactly what He did for me.

"Picking up the pieces of my life-bringing new releases just in time, just when I'd exhausted all the ways to put it all together, He's right there.  Picking up the pieces of my life.

Your life might be in a total mess and there seems to be no way out, just give Jesus a call, give him control and watch things come together or you may think everything is just perfect, but without Jesus, you cannot find that perfect peace.

Praise God!!!"

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November 28th, 2021

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