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Renee's Testimony | Jesus Gave Me A Reason To Live

Renee's Testimony | Jesus Gave Me A Reason To Live

​Below you'll read this wonderful of story of Renee and how she came to know Jesus.  This is her testimony of what God can do in an individual's life.   

Share about the time right before you came to know Jesus. 

"I had just saved my cousin from drowning in our pool, she was floating on top of the water with her eyes open. 

I couldn't stop screaming."

How did you come to know Jesus?

"My sister Trisha was invited to an Easter contest."

What was the best thing about getting to know Jesus?

 "Jesus gave me a reason to live."

How has Jesus changed your life?

"Jesus gives me hope beyond measure. 

He gives me hope every day to start my day.  Seriously, Jesus is my reason for living. 

Jesus loved me perfectly and I know He died for me.  Just to think of someone that would do as much for me as Jesus did, filled me up overflowing. 

He's healed me from sickness and depression many many times."

What message would you share to those that don't know Jesus? 

"Give Jesus a chance, I challenge you. 

At a young age, He gave me every reason to live. 

Even if you feel fulfilled in your life, He can give you so much more. 

When sadness, trouble, death or problems come into your life He comforts you, always! 

You are never ever alone when you have Jesus, He gave His all for you." 

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September 21st, 2021

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