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He has told us that He is ready to lift our heavy burdens and bring to us the "rest that causes the weary to rest". "Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy ladened……"

Several weeks ago Janette and I came face to face with a serious problem…. an eye condition in my right eye. I did not know really that I had such a problem. But as the Lord has done so many times, be brought something to our attention that if not cared for in a timely manner would cause permanent damage. One evening I casually mentioned to Janette while driving down the street, I better make an appointment for a new prescription for my glasses because I cannot read the street signs until I am close to them. God knows how to get our attention and sometimes it is in a "still small voice". It pays to be listening.

I made an appointment with the Optometrist. In the middle of the exam, everything came to a screeching halt. The Optometrist told me that I had a condition which warrants me seeing a specialist as soon as possible. An appointment set for the very next day for a specialist to see me. After a battery of procedures designed to reveal what was wrong, it was discovered that a blood clot was obscuring my vision in my right eye. Throughout the exam when they covered my left eye I could hardly see anything distinctly out of my right eye. I could only see the outline of people's faces. I could not read any letter of the eye chart no matter how large.

When the doctor finally came into the patient room, things got really serious. He said there was a blockage in the back of my eye and hoped we had caught it in time (evidently this sort of thing can evolve into permanent damage if not treated in a timely manner). He explained the series of procedures he felt were worth accomplishing but did not guarantee that they would resolve the problem. He began the treatment immediately before I left the facility that day with a return appointment set in five weeks.

Janette understood the situation is detail being a medical professional herself. She was aware of my family history going all the way back to my great grandmother. Serious eye problems have plagued every generation for a 100 years. She knew the cards, so to speak, were stacked against me. But, we know a Healer. We are ready to spread the rumor that Jesus is on the scene! I knew the Pastor had to know about this and the next time I saw Sister Christie I let her in on what was going on.

We are so privileged to have a ministry that teaches us how to pray the prayer of faith. Some are not so fortunate. About 7 months ago I was having a conversation with a person that was enduring a horrible circumstance. They expounded in anguish that they had prayed, they asked God "why" and pleaded but could not "feel" anything! As they wept, I just had to interrupt and say "faith is NOT about feeling. Faith is about believing". It is so easy for any of us to put God into our own agenda. Using our logic, our reasons and opinion about why and when God ought to do something. We all learned long ago that God is God. He can do what He wants when He wants and how He wants. He does not have to play by our rule book. Faith begins with that type of humility before God. Wisdom begins with the fear(reverence) of God.

The Pastor came on board right away. He announced that the Lord had impressed him to have special prayer for a few of us. At the appointed service he, along with all of you, joined me in faith that the Lord would touch my eye. In the next few days, there was a substantial improvement. The Pastor prayed for me the second time at a subsequent service. Things I could not see with my right eye before started coming into focus. No longer was I only able to see the outline of a person's face. Now I could see all of their features. I could look at the clock and see all the numbers where I could not see any of it before. Sitting in my vehicle I covered my left eye and looked down at the gauges and could read them all.

At my doctor's appointment a few days ago, the doctor briskly enters the patient room and proclaims "you are getting better and better. Every appointment there is significant progress". I thank God for doctors, but we also know that our Lord has come on the scene. He is with us. He is on our side. His time is the right time. His way is the right way and He has promised never to forsake us. Praise the Lord for His healing touch.

Things can and do get scary. We are often tempted to be frustrated and worry. We can make the choice to allow satan to accuse us, tell us we don't have enough faith. Our Bible says that there is no temptation but such as is common to man. But GOD will with the temptation provide a way of escape. Thank the Lord for this victory. Victory over doubt. Victory over fear. Whatever He has done for others, He will do for me and has done for me! I praise Him for those things He is going to do tomorrow and the next day after that. Praise the name of the Lord Jesus Christ! 

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June 30th, 2022

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