Day 77 - The Brazen Altar

Day 77 - The Brazen Altar

Exodus 27

March 18, 2018

In this chapter, we learn about the construction of the brazen altar, the court and oil for the lamp.  The brazen altar was a significant vessel of the tabernacle while the Israelites traveled in the wilderness and in the entire Old Testament.  Upon this altar, many sacrifices would be made of praise, atonement and thanksgiving. By the blood of bulls and goats did the Israelites symbolize a foreshadow of things to come (the sacrifice of a spotless lamb, Jesus).

Do you find it interesting that as the law is given, that also God made provisions for forgiveness?  God, in His all-knowing power, knew that we as humans would not heed the law, in its entirety, and would mess up from time to time and therefore He provided a way to avoid the judgment of sin in our life.  That's a God that understands His creation and is longsuffering and merciful.

When reading about the tabernacle in the wilderness, let me see the symbolism of every aspect of this building and its vessels.  God always uses "types and foreshadows" in the Bible which allows us to understand God.  The same God of the New Testament is the same God of the Old Testament.  For example, the brazen altar of today is where I lay myself down before God as a living sacrifice (Rom 12:1).  There is no shedding of blood but there is the shedding of sin.  And the only death that takes place is the death of sin. 

God has still provided us a way to have forgiveness in 2018 that reflects all the way back to the Old Testament.  

Come before Him and present yourself wholly with complete honesty and you will find a loving, merciful God.

Exodus 27:1-21 (KJV) 

The altar of burnt offering with its vessels

1 And thou shalt make an altar of shittim wood, five cubits long, and five cubits broad; the altar shall be foursquare: and the height thereof shall be three cubits.
2 And thou shalt make the horns of it upon the four corners thereof: his horns shall be of the same: and thou shalt overlay it with brass.
3 And thou shalt make his pans to receive his ashes, and his shovels, and his basons, and his fleshhooks, and his firepans: all the vessels thereof thou shalt make of brass.
4 And thou shalt make for it a grate of network of brass; and upon the net shalt thou make four brasen rings in the four corners thereof.
5 And thou shalt put it under the compass of the altar beneath, that the net may be even to the midst of the altar.
6 And thou shalt make staves for the altar, staves of shittim wood, and overlay them with brass.
7 And the staves shall be put into the rings, and the staves shall be upon the two sides of the altar, to bear it.
8 Hollow with boards shalt thou make it: as it was shewed thee in the mount, so shall they make it

The court of the tabernacle

9 And thou shalt make the court of the tabernacle: for the south side southward there shall be hangings for the court of fine twined linen of an hundred cubits long for one side:
10 And the twenty pillars thereof and their twenty sockets shall be of brass; the hooks of the pillars and their fillets shall be of silver.
11 And likewise for the north side in length there shall be hangings of an hundred cubits long, and his twenty pillars and their twenty sockets of brass; the hooks of the pillars and their fillets of silver.
12 And for the breadth of the court on the west side shall be hangings of fifty cubits: their pillars ten, and their sockets ten.
13 And the breadth of the court on the east side eastward shall be fifty cubits.
14 The hangings of one side of the gate shall be fifteen cubits: their pillars three, and their sockets three.
15 And on the other side shall be hangings fifteen cubits: their pillars three, and their sockets three.
16 And for the gate of the court shall be an hanging of twenty cubits, of blue, and purple, and scarlet, and fine twined linen, wrought with needlework: and their pillars shall be four, and their sockets four.
17 All the pillars round about the court shall be filleted with silver; their hooks shall be of silver, and their sockets of brass.
18 The length of the court shall be an hundred cubits, and the breadth fifty every where, and the height five cubits of fine twined linen, and their sockets of brass.
19 All the vessels of the tabernacle in all the service thereof, and all the pins thereof, and all the pins of the court, shall be of brass. 

The oil for the lamp

20 And thou shalt command the children of Israel, that they bring thee pure oil olive beaten for the light, to cause the lamp to burn always.
21 In the tabernacle of the congregation without the vail, which is before the testimony, Aaron and his sons shall order it from evening to morning before the LORD: it shall be a statute for ever unto their generations on the behalf of the children of Israel. 

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