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A Blessing For All - 1 Samuel 30

​1 Samuel 30 October 4th, 2018 Should I, alone, receive the spoils and victory God has prepared if I'm the only one doing the work and fighting for th...

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Who Do You Fear? 1 Samuel 26

​1 Samuel 26 September 29, 2018 David never ceases to amaze me. A man that has been on the run, pursued, escaped death and now has his enemy (the...

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[1 Samuel 13] What Killed The Cat?

There is an old saying, "curiosity killed the cat". What I like to say is that it wasn't curiosity but "presumption" that killed him. Here we find in ...

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God Owns It All - 1 Samuel 1

1 Samuel 1 September 4, 2018 As we begin in the book of Samuel, we start out with one of the most heartfelt stories in God's Word. A woman, Hanna...

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[Ruth 4] Blessed Kinsman Redeemer

Thank the Lord for the kinsman redeemer! Ruth, by faith, traveled to a land she didn't know, to a people she didn't know would accept her, with no mon...

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[Ruth 3] No Cutting Corners

There's a lot to be said about Boaz! He didn't cut corners to try and get what he wanted because it was apparent, he wanted Ruth. But instead, he foll...

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[Ruth 2] God Will Recompense

Ruth truly is an amazing woman!  She took a stand that very few would do in the previous chapter. Not afraid of what was to come of her or Naomi....

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[Ruth 1] The Impact of 1 Witness

As we begin the book of Ruth, you have to hand it to Naomi, her husband, and her sons. But more so, Naomi. There is something about Naomi that in this...

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The Downward Spiral of Sin - Judges 21

Judges 21 August 30, 2018 After the battle of the Israelites against their own brother Benjamin (in chapter 20), now we find ourselves with a tribe ne...

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Right In My Own Eyes - Judges 17

Judges 17 August 26, 2018 In today's reading, we read about a man named Micah that first steals money from his mother but then returns it and in doing...

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[Joshua 09] Don't Be Deceived

Deception is all around us. In fact, it runs ramped in this world. People lie every day, they cheat, steal and it's all for personal gain and self-pre...

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The Lord Is In The Midst - Joshua 4

Joshua 4 July 20, 2018 When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him. This chapter reminds of this...

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You Have Not Passed This Way Before - Joshua 3

Joshua 3 July 19, 2018 The Israelites were about to step foot into a place that has been talked about for hundreds of years. Can you only imagine the ...

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God Has Gone Before You - Joshua 2

Joshua 2 July 18, 2018 What an awe-inspiring chapter to read!  A woman, Rahab, acted in faith and went against her own people because she kn...

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Be Of Good Courage - Joshua 1

​Joshua 1 July 17, 2018 The Lord repeated a very important phrase throughout this chapter. A phrase that will no doubt stick with Joshua as he le...

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