Read chapter by chapter devotionals that will encourage you and shed light on some key points found within a specific chapter!

Day 77 - The Brazen Altar

Exodus 27 March 18, 2018 In this chapter, we learn about the construction of the brazen altar, the court and oil for the lamp.  The brazen altar ...

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Day 76 - God Does Not Leave Any Doubt

Exodus 26 March 17, 2018 The amazing thing I appreciate about what God is doing here is that He is not leaving one ounce of doubt as to what needs to ...

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Day 75 - The Power of a Willing Vessel

Exodus 25 March 16, 2018 Day 75 in the Disciple Project program and we read about some of the vessels in the to-be-made tabernacle.  I always lov...

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Day 74 - I Need God To Follow God

Exodus 24 March 15, 2018 Day 74 of our reading is in Exodus 24.  In this chapter, Moses tells all the words of Lord that he has received. In vers...

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Day 73 - Who Can Stand Against You?

Exodus 23 March 14, 2018 Day 73 of our reading is in Exodus 23.  In this chapter the laws of slander, false witnessing and the year of rest are e...

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Day 72 - Living Amends

Exodus 22 March 13, 2018 Day 72 of our reading is in Exodus 22.  In this chapter, the law of God continues to provide more details about theft, f...

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Day 71 - Forgiveness Is Here, Just Ask

Exodus 21 March 12, 2018 God expects us to be accountable for our actions.  Because Jesus died for us, our transgressions against our brothers an...

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Day 70 - 10 Commandments, It's That Simple

Exodus 20 March 11, 2018 Isn't it amazing how many laws and regulations we have in place today?  Every time there is a mass shooting, there is hy...

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Day 69 - The Fire On The Mount

Exodus 19 ​March 10, 2018 What a sight to see!  There is nothing that would compare to the presence of God showing up in this fashion.  ...

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Day 68 - A Little Bit of Help Goes A Long Way

Exodus 18 March 9, 2018 In this chapter, Jethro (Moses' father-in-law) brings Moses' wife and sons to him and Jethro provides some much-needed counsel...

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[Exodus 17] The Lord Is My Banner

Today (and every day) may the Lord be lifted up! When He is lifted up then the people of God will prevail!So many great messages to bring out in this ...

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Day 66 - True Bread From Heaven

Exodus 16 March 6, 2018 ​Day 66 of our reading is in Exodus 16 and here we find the Israelites murmuring again and again the Lord provides. Let's face...

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Day 65 - Never Stop Singing His Praises

Exodus 15 February 6, 2018 What a time of triumph!  A time to celebrate!  When God does something amazing let the people gather and rejoice!...

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Day 64 - Faith Training

Exodus 14 March 5, 2018 ​How big is your God?  How mighty?  How powerful? However, after experiencing some of the plagues in Egypt and ...

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Day 63 - Redemption

Exodus 13 March 4, 2018 The Israelites are headed toward the promised land. God does not want the things he has done to be forgotten and establishes t...

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